Welcome Home!

We know that moving to another country can be overwhelming. That is why at MEXMOVE we help you to adapt to Mexico and begin enjoying your new lifestyle.

After getting to know Mexico with MEXMOVE you won’t want to leave!

Who are we?

A Mexican company comprised of a team of skilled individuals focused on providing a range of specialized RELOCATION SERVICES. MEXMOVE is committed to being an ally during the decision-making process, so happy memories can be made in Mexico. Our mission is to be mindful of unique needs and expectations of our clients. Our vision is to aspire to create an environment which will facilitate both professional and personal sense of belonging.

Where are we?

We are located in San Luis Potosí, a city in the very heart of Mexico.

Our goal is to ease and accelerate your adaptation to your new hometown through simple processes and the support of technological tools and high quality staff.


Are you interested in our services?

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Cordillera del Marqués 138
Col. Lomas 3era Sección
C.P. 78240, San Luis Potosí