Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing greaaaaat! 

I’ve heard that one of the main reasons you came to Mexico was the idea of endless sunny days and the perfect weather to wear those shorts and that summer dress you bought so long ago. Well, brace yourselves my friends, for the time is finally here! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in SLP for over a year or you recently arrived because in Mexico, every summer is different and fun is guaranteed for all kinds of people. So, I prepared a list of 10 things you may want to do these upcoming months whether alone or accompanied. 


This mercado sets once a month in the Centro de Las Artes, and it’s the ideal place if you’re looking to hangout whilst buying Mexican trinkets and handcrafts. If you’re heading back home soon for holidays or for good, you may want to go and get your beloved ones original presents. 

  • Address: Calzada de Guadalupe 705, San Juan de Guadalupe, Julian Carrillo, 78340 San Luis, S.L.P.
  • Entrance: $35.00 (includes a beer)
  • Visits: every last Sunday of each month


Also, the Centro the Las Artes is home of the masterpieces of the celebrated surrealist Leonora Carrington whose breathtaking life story will explain her crazy artwork. Don’t miss the chance to zone out of your world and step into Leonora’s dimension this summer. 

  • Address: Calzada de Guadalupe 705, San Juan de Guadalupe, Julian Carrillo, 78340 San Luis, S.L.P.
  • Entrance: $50.00
  • Visits: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Craving fresh air and not to much free time? Gather with your friends and jump in the van if you’re ready for a road trip to the “Pueblo Mágico Armadillo de Los Infantes” and immerse yourself in the picturesque and rural Mexico. Only 45 minutes away from the city you can find the new eco park called “Cráter Encantado” where you’ll be able to be fearless, enjoy zip-lining and much more! 


I bet that you know what a Feria is, or at least you’ve heard about it. The FENAPO (Feria Nacional Potosina) is the annual fair of the city, celebrated in August. Twenty-three days of partying and fun “a la mexicana” that you will not want to miss. There’s plenty for you to do there. From fancy restaurants to food trucks, from roller-coasters to ice-skating shows you won’t run out of things to do so easily. Explore San Luis urban folklore at its purest and bring your people along! 

  • Address: Francisco Martínez de La Vega 255, Tepeyac, 78384 San Luis, S.L.P.
  • Visits: August 3rd to 26th


If you’re into Mexican music or you intend to become a more avid listener, you must pay a visit to the Palenque which is the place inside FENAPO where most of the concerts brought for the month take place.

I’ll leave you with 4 of the most popular Artists planned for this year. 

Get your tickets online!


If you happen to have spent too much time in the FENAPO and the sun has already set, you might want to wait a little bit longer and stay for the FREE concert held in the TEATRO DEL PUEBLO and have a dance-off with your friends & partner to get that dopamine up! 


You’re a foodie? Perfect! Also at the FENAPO, you’ll be able to taste typical dishes from the state of San Luis Potosí. So you’d better wear loose pants and go on an empty stomach because you’ll regret not having enough stomach to keep savoring the mouthwatering dishes that will be served. 


If you’re up for a drink -or several- you will looove going to the Maguey’s festival and taste Mezcal and Pulque while you enjoy live music, or learn about the process of this artisan drinks in a very relaxed and sophisticated way. 

  • Date: July 14th & 15th 
  • Place: Mexquitic de Carmona


Classical music? We do have it. Buckle up your belt for we’re having an Opera Festival this month. This is the perfect chance to amuse your ears and do something out of your routine. What are you waiting for?

  • Date: July 21st 
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Place: Plaza de Toros
  • Address: Av Universidad 1036, El Paseo, 78320 San Luis, S.L.P.

Get your ticket online: ticket mania


Are you old school? This is for you. Bobby Kimball (ex-Toto), John Elefante (ex-Kansas), Kevin Chalfant (ex-Journey) and Bill Champlin (ex-Chicago) will put on a show that will spice up your summer for sure! 

  • Date: July 27th, 2018
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Place: Plaza de Toros
  • Address: Av Universidad 1036, El Paseo, 78320 San Luis, S.L.P.

Buy your ticket at the Plaza de Toros or online. 

I hope that you are as very much looking forward to summer 2018 as I am. 

Enjoy and don’t forget that sunscreen 😉                                                                                                                    Until next time, 

GA Montserrat

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