A few years ago, we used to think that “Photography” was only for professionals. That in order to become a respectable photographer we needed to know about light and types of lenses. But nowadays, our phones allow us to take amazing pictures without having special equipment or knowing the basic rules of the craft.

In order to take a fine picture, proper lightning and a good fitting of the elements within the frame are indispensable.

If you live in San Luis Potosí or find yourself around, let me tell you that you’ve got plenty in your favor already. That’s why I’m here, to encourage you to grab your phone and put your imagination to work and explore this art for the following five reasons:


San Luis Potosí has, undoubtedly, the most beautiful sunsets in the country. For the most part of the year, from 18:00 to 20:00 you will be able to witness the show carried on by the colorful “cielo potosino”… from a light pink to a navy blue shading the clouds, you can be certain that, regardless your location, you’ll watch an ethereal sunset like no other.



One of the most important Markets in the city is called “Mercado República”, where you will find all kinds of flowers, sweets, handicrafts, local food and more. The heterogeneous ambiance and the endless diversity of colors and textures will give you a broad range of angles and elements to pick as the target of your pictures.



If you have already been in San Luis’ downtown, you might have noticed that the Cantera Rosada (pink quarry) is one of the main elements alongside a strong Spanish influence and the Baroque Art with the wonderful Mexican touch. This all makes it a charming and unique muse for your photographs. Keep those eyes peeled and your lenses clean to capture the amazing details that each door, cloister, façade and alleyway has to offer!


The second largest park in Latinamerica, with more than 20 species of trees, is the perfect setting for your photoshoot so make sure you take your friends and/or special someone with you! The lightning and scenery will guarantee a snapshot worth sharing on your favorite social media!!!


From a former jail to a modern building, in San Luis you can choose the style that appeals to you the most. In each museum, you will encounter traces of history and design in the shapes of sculptures or cacti labyrinths that will provide you with outstanding targets or backgrounds for your photo-album.

So there you have it! Just 5 of the many reasons to grab your camera or phone and discover the city through your own lenses.

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Until next time,

Fermín, Mexmover

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