Hey everyone, it’s Montse again. How are you doing? Excited about 2018 yet

Hoping that you’re as looking forward to this new year as I am, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to one of the greatest celebrations in Mexico. As you may have already heard, Mexico is extremely diverse when it comes to traditions. But, have you heard about the weird and fun things we do at the end and beginning of each year? 

I want to clarify that I’ll be focusing on the most common traditions or better said “rituals”, among Potosinos. These traditions may vary within Mexico. Please feel free to laugh or be weirded out. Or better yet…why not try it out? 



 Let’s not fool ourselves here. No matter how hard we try to deny it, we ALL crave love. We want it, we need it. And yes, it is indeed hard to find that special someone but luckily, there’s a solution. And it is really simple.

 Legend says that wearing red underwear or “calzones rojos” on December 31st and January 1st can guarantee a lover coming into your life in the near future. Who cares about the Law of Attraction or putting yourself out there when you can just put on some “calzones rojos” on New Year’s Eve, right? 

It is a regular practice to comment -or show- at dinner the color of your underwear. It is important to mention that, only in this day is acceptable to bring up such topic. But feel free to recall the event when the “calzones rojos” ritual has proved itself effective…                             I, myself, haven’t tried this but now that I stop to think about it, it does explain a few things… It might not be a bad idea to give it a chance and hope for the best. 

Another technique, and this one is practiced worldwide, is kissing someone at 00:00. It may not assure you a year full of love but it does guarantee you not ending up alone for the little that remains in the present year. Moisten those lips and keep your eyes peeled!



Money, money, money… does not mean happiness but I could be quite content driving a Ferrari, right?  

Worry no more people, for I have answers to your problems. 

  1. Yellow underwear or “calzones amarillos” will make your account balance go up and your debt disappear.  So you might want to consider making that last investment and get your calzones amarillos ready. 
  2. When it comes to attracting abundance you will want to get a Sheep Door-Hanger and hang it in the main entrance of your home and/or fill a small bag with lentils and put it in your purse or pocket. Don’t ask me the reason why, cause believe me I’ve had the same question and every single time I get a different answer. 
  3. The last strategy -and my least favorite- is throwing coins in the air. It is supposed to strengthen your flow of money. If you’re not a lazy person as I am, go do it. Enjoy picking up the coins…

So there! You have a few quick fixes because actually learning about money and working hard is overrated.





 Apparently, if you intend to conceive, you (the future mother) has to switch your boost for milk on New Year’s… if your partner (the future dad) is not reading this, tell him that he has to do this too. Don’t worry about being bored, because you will have more fun the next day when everyone is hungover except you.



Rumour has it that  “correr con la maleta” or dragging your suitcase around your house will reward you with travel in the upcoming months. Just don’t make the same mistake I made. Don’t struggle with excess weight and don’t forget to empty the suitcase first.

Just for the record, the first time I practiced this superstition, I travelled a bunch during that year and I haven’t stopped since. Carrying my suitcase is essential because I may be able to live without love but I couldn’t stand not travelling.



“Working out? Eating healthy and giving up enchiladas? HA! No thanks. I would rather die young” if I had a dollar for every time someone told me this, I wouldn’t be buying my “calzones amarillos” this year.

Health is an important issue. And we Mexicans, take it so seriously that we even have a “health charm” as well. Yes, you guessed correctly. We don’t forget our green underwear or “calzones Verdes” on top of the “calzones rojos” which are on top of the “calzones amarillos” because… #priorities. 

 Elder generations claim that this is one of the most effective rituals. Testimonials narrate -while shoving a sweet tamal down their throat- they’ve had optimal health ever since. 



More than attracting good luck, we believe in alienating bad vibes. And to cleanse yourself for the next year, we pick up a broom and sweep our houses dragging the dust (or negativity) to the main exit as a symbol of throwing away the past and making space for whatever life throws at us next. 

I have tried this and that year was not so great. I have to say that the metaphor felt good and the following year was far better.  


 This last tradition comes down to a rather realistic thing. New Year’s Resolutions. 

If you decide to have dinner at a Mexican house, don’t be surprised if you find either 12 raisins or 12 grapes on your plate. But don’t eat them right away because they’re not an entrée. You’re supposed to put them in your mouth one by one at the pace of the New Year´s Count Down and make 12 wishes. That’s not too crazy, is it? Here’s a plot twist: you can’t swallow them until it’s 00:00 so good luck not choking. 


 I know what you’re thinking. “These Mexicans are crazy people. It has to be a joke” … you’re not alone there, my friend. I’ve told myself the same thing through-out my entire life and speaking from a non superstitious perspective, I admit, a couple of years ago, I finally surrendered to peer pressure -it’s hard to resist when your whole family believes in these things. Call it will or luck, or witchcraft, what I tried worked for me. 

So, I would personally encourage you to try at least one of these things… I don’t know what will happen but I can assure you’ll have A LOT of fun doing it. 

 PS. Remember that all these activities should be done at pretty much the same time so I hope you’re a skilled multitasker!


Have you tried any of these before? What happened? Leave a comment about New Year’s practices in your homeland, we’d love to read about it!


Thanks for reading!              

    Until 2018, 



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