Welcome to San Luis Potosi!

Hey guys! I’ve heard you’re coming to my hometown and I’m very excited for you to explore and discover what this city has to offer. But before we jump right into it, do you know where, who and what San Luis is? I bet you haven’t heard enough so let me help you out a bit.

First, let’s do the basics… How’s your geography? Not so good? Yeah, neither is mine but according to this thing called Google maps San Luis Potosi is located in the North-Centre of Mexico and has 8 neighbouring states -which are quite amazing but we’ll dive into it another time. It is divided into 58 municipalities and its capital city has the same name, San Luis Potosí.

Now let’s talk demographics. San Luis’ citizens are called potosinos and there are nearly 2, 720, 000 people from which 1, 400,000 are women and 1, 317,000 are men. Thirty percent overall are children.  Another interesting fact is that within the state, besides Spanish 4 other dialects are spoken among 250,000 potosinos. Can you believe it?

Besides that, San Luis is known for having breathtaking landscapes that differ completely from one another.  The rain forests, deserts, waterfalls and more, make the state a one-of-a-kind destination that you can’t afford to miss.  But don’t worry if you’re not fond of outdoor activities because there’s plenty more for you to do. From country clubs to museums and a wide range of restaurants and bars you will never run out of things to enjoy.

Having said all this, I can only emphasize the cultural vastness that you will experience and the great moments you’ll enjoy alongside your new local friends that are looking forward to meeting you. What are you waiting for? Have your bucket-list ready!


Still wanting to know more about the city? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, I have good news for you my friend because the team at Mexmove and myself will encourage you to explore your new home and accompany you in this adventure. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next post!

Mi casa es tu casa.

See you next time,

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